The Gentle Green management team
Tjerk Gorter

Tjerk Gorter

Managing director

Thirty years in industry in strategy, innovation and cross-industry technology management. Established his own company in 2005 to fully focus on accelerating the realisation of sustainable living environments. During international projects confronted with the immensity of the global food safety problems and the frightening inability of players to come up with concrete solutions. Determined to create a breakthrough solution, suddenly topics as food security, energy transition, water scarcity and climate protection logically blended together into the establishment of Gentle Green.

Lolli Olafsson

Lolli olafsson

Technology director

So far 25 years of experience in the development of thermodynamic systems. Born in the mother-of-all-sustainable energy countries, Iceland. Third generation thermal engineer. Developed and installed many energy and water systems across the built environment and industry in projects around the world. Lived in Iceland, Sweden and the UK to end up in The Netherlands. Winner of multiple innovation awards, which attracted Tjerk’s attention when searching for a system architect with Lolli’s unique combination of know-how and skills. Still does not speak Dutch.

Wilco Fauth

wilco fauth

Commercial director

Thirty years at the interface between system engineering and business development. Previously co-founder and -owner of FTNON, the leading innovator in fresh-cut and thermal food processing industries. Broad experience in integrated system engineering and installations in many countries around the world. Fascinated by the mission of Gentle Green, Wilco joined the team and powered the construction of the pilot plant. His vast and strong network with food players around the world is a key asset to Gentle Green.

Richard van der Linde

Richard van der Linde

Director Data Architectures and Control Systems

Fascinated as a kid by technology. Built his first walking robot when he was 12 years old. Obtained his PhD at Delft University of Technology in man-machine systems and bio-robotics. Director of the national MicroSystems technology programme, where he met Tjerk. This led to the establishment of Lacquey, the robotics company that created several revolutionary robotics solutions for the industry. Company was bought by FTNON. Like Wilco, Richard became fascinated by the mission and beauty of the technological architecture  of the Gentle Green system and joined the management team in 2022.

The Gentle Green horticulture experts during development

The Gentle Green system has been developed plant-centric. The plant and its optimised micro-environment were leading in the greenfield design of the climate control systems. For this, deep plant growth expertise was essential. In addition, to ensure that the Gentle Green system would perfectly fit in the greenhouse environment, both in terms of structure and in terms of working processes, an international expert in greenhouse construction and operations was added to the development team. Two highly experienced “green” guys, Hans Grootscholten and Lies van Geest, were part of the team during the development phase. In addition, Hans and Lies connected Gentle Green to plant growth and greenhouse experts in their network during the development and pilot phase of the company. 

Lies van Geest

lies van geest

Greenhouse Design and Operations Management

Stemming from a typical horticulture family, Lies has been innovating in greenhouses for over 30 years.  He combines management of construction projects of greenhouses around the world with a stream of innovations. Lies has been involved in projects that cover over 1.000 ha of greenhouse area. Lies vast practical experience was very important in the specification of the Gentle Green system, as was his hands-on support in the construction of the Gentle Green pilot greenhouse.

Hans Grootscholten

Hans grootscholten

Plant growth

Over 35 years of experience in plant breeding. Hans studied Plant Breeding and Horticulture at Wageningen University. He entered in 1984 the family business Grow Group BV, producer of vegetable seedlings. In 2019 Grow Group was merged into Plantise BV. Hans added broad growth experience as well his vast international network in horticulture to the development of Gentle Green.